Is AI Already Used in 85% of Cyber Attacks?

Security Leaders Say That AI Is Now Powering Cybercrime

Are AI Cyberattacks Here to Stay?

According to a study from CFO magazine, IT leaders say that the vast majority of cyberattacks are already AI-powered. Datarisk Canada offers planning, strategy, implementation and a broad array of security solutions for generative artificial intelligence in the workplace.

Data Protection and Privacy

Partner with Datarisk Canada's AI experts to implement robust data access controls, encryption and pseudonymity to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive data.

Ethical and Transparent AI Practices

Educate users about AI best practices and train your prompt engineers to comply with regulatory standards, ensuring that AI algorithms can be understood and validated. Let your Risk Advisor help you develop clear ethical policies and guidelines for AI development and use.

Security in AI Development and Deployment

Talk to your Datarisk Advisor about incorporating security measures throughout the AI lifecycle, adopting secure coding practices, conducting regular security assessments of AI models and applications.